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Several years ago I began collecting unusual old photographs as a hobby, with special emphasis on religion, occupations, unusual dress and historical value. I later expanded my hobby and began collecting marriage records, land records, letters, books etc...

Being interested in history and genealogy, I realized that these wonderful old photo's, letters and documents which once belonged to our ancestors should be shared with others.

To insure that copies will be available for future researchers, the contents of these pages are not for sale.

The photographs on these pages have not been altered in anyway other than a small amount of cropping and lighting. Some of the photographs are not in the best of shape and others are in excellent condition. They remain for the most part in the same condition as when they were purchased.

When items have been identified by researchers, every effort will be made to obtain email addresses and names of the researcher so that others researching the same families may correspond and share information.
This page is currently under construction
This page is currently under construction
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Most things in life are moments of pleasure and a lifetime of embarrassment; photography is a moment of embarrassment and a lifetime of pleasure.... Tony Benn
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If you are interested in a particular photograph, letter or document Please email me with the name and number of the item and I will send you a copy via email attachment.

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